La Petite Cuisine


I first tried La Petite Cuisine almost 6 years ago, when my friend and I chanced upon it in Serene Centre. and we loved it!

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Strangers’ Reunion

Ola! it’s been a while since I last wrote a post. I guess then this is a pretty apt post to start again :D

Strangers’ Reunion has an intimate, pretty atmosphere. I had a lovely time there, enjoying our magical cups with my other ‘strange’ friends.

Our fruity yoghurt waffle was yummy (and healthy)! I like their croissant, it was so crispy :) and their staff are really friendly too!


the strangers’ magic cups ;)

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The Tea Chapter

During the mooncake festival period, I wanted to ask my friend who’s on exchange in Singapore to experience something more about Singapore, or rather, the Chinese culture and whatnots. and I thought, going for a ‘proper’ tea drinking ritual might be interesting for them (and for myself too!) So here we are! (thanks to my friend who knows this place and introduced us to this whole thing!)

As you can see, it’s called Tea Chapter, located somewhere in China Town (not so helpful eh? haha)

Anyway, I never knew drinking tea could be such a long ceremony! Here are some of the steps that I managed to capture. The rest of the time, I was listening attentively (and amazed at the same time) to the lady who explained and showed us the real way to drink tea! :)

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Checking out the ZOO!

After our visit to Jurong Bird Park, we were dedicated to visit the zoo as well. So when we saw a zoo ticket deal in, we immediately bought it :)

We finally decided to go to the zoo after our exams are over. It was raining throughout the entire morning. However, since we wont be able to make it any other time, we sticked to our plan and bought poncho! What a fun day!!! :D


We watched Splash Safari, a show by a sea lion. Nothing special though.

I found the signage cute! :D

We came to conclusion that one of our most favorite predators is tiger (especially if your compare them with cheetah or lion). Tigers have toned figure and strong build. And thoe stripes, simply elegant! BUT, they are coming into extinction! Out of 8 species ever existed in the world, only 5 are still around! That means, almost half are already extinct. sigh.

White Tiger (doesn't exist in the wild)

my favorite of all: butt-face or face-butt?

I enjoyed my visit there. Although personally I am both for and against zoo, but at least it can be seen that the animals in this zoo are well fed and well kept, and they tried to educate the visitors at the same time and raise awareness of the existing problems related the each animal.

Saw this one and agreed with it instantly. We, humans, need to be less selfish and do something about it! It can be done through simple acts, I believe. For instance, use less paper, bring water bottle instead of buying mineral water all the time, switch off lights when unused, and millions others. Shall we?

Musée d’Orsay at National Museum of Singapore

One thing that I like from Singapore is how the government is very much aware of the importance of arts and has been trying to create a vibrant art scene in Singapore. In my opinion, the museums (especially NMS) has been holding exceptional exhibitions in the past years. It is indeed a privilege that many singapore residents take for granted.

The latest exhibition they are having now is “Dreams and Reality: Masterpieces of Painting, Drawing and Photography from the Musée d’Orsay, Paris”. Showcasing artworks from mid 19th century to the early 20th century, including painting, photographs, drawings. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of painting. I guess because I don’t have enough knowledge to be able to ‘decipher’ the deeper meaning of it or the techniques used to be able to appreciate it the way I should. Nonetheless, it exhibits quite a range of different painting techniques used as the time progressed and the artworks are displayed according to the themes, such as “Painting and Literature”, “Solitude”, “War”, etc. For noobs, like me, it might be better to join the guided tour and if you want to take a closer look of each painting, you could go for another round on your own afterwards. Just my two cents. OR, they also provide audio guide (for $3) if you prefer to do it on your own pace.

One of the main exhibit is Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Anyway, it is held at National Museum of Singapore (Exhibition Galleries 1 & 2) until 5 Feb 2012 – 10am-6pm daily. Do drop by if you have free time. Free admission for students!

Sentosa Boardwalk

(click on the picture to find the higher resolution version)

Earlier this year, Sentosa Boardwalk was completed and since then people are able to go to Sentosa Island by foot instead of having to take bus, taxi or monorail. It has been one of our favorite places to take a stroll, taking a break from the hectic Alltag, and to enjoy the view or the (night)sky :)

This is not my first attempt making panorama shot. But the others didn’t turn out as well (haha), I guess because this one is rich in color :)

Taken with iphone and stitched using CS5.