When school is over….


ENDLICCHHHH!!! :D (Well, I’ve got a mixed feeling on this, but for the time being, its a “yessssss!!!”)

I still haven’t felt much of the effect YET, as it still feels like any other holiday… But I’m pretty sure, sooner or later, things will be so different! (5/6 of my life have been spent as a student!!! that’s something!)

Anyway, before everything else (read: working), I finally get the chance to discover a little bit of South East Asia (like, finally!) :D and I am so so so excited! I have always wanted to do this and it’s now time for CAMBODIA and VIETNAM!!! awesomeness!

I’ll be traveling with 3 other crazy buddies, so I’m preparing myself for the most random things to happen along the way ;)


*the two ugly travelers are ready too!*





it was kind of a sudden change in our plan, to go directly from Siena to Pisa (and skip San Gimignano — i’ll be back there one day!) people have been warning us saying that there are not many things to do in Pisa, except to see the famous tower. Well, to be fair, there are quite a handful of really nice architecture around. We decided to walk to the tower (it’s on the other end of the city) and since the city itself is not so big. and I’m glad we did it, because then we were able to catch a glimpse of the city itself.

and, of course, we took some of the must-take pictures :D

the reason why pisa is still there ;)

and so did everyone else….

There was a big park around the tower compound with really really nice grass :D Unfortunately (or fortunately?), people are not allowed to step on most of the parts..

defying gravity??

oh, and as we walked around the city, we walked past this book fair. my guess is that the place used to be where the wet market was (or still is)

2nd hand book fair

some tips if you are planning to go to Pisa:

1. you don’t have to spend the whole day there. A few hours will do, especially if you don’t have the luxury of time.

2. whenever possible, try to just walk to get to the tower, and get a feel of what the city is like

3. Pisa can be easily reached from cities like Siena, Florence, San Gimignano… so you can just make a day trip there when you use Florence as your base city, for instance.

last but not least, take that must-have shots with pisa tower! :)

the X factor

Dresden is one of the best impromptu weekend getaways I’ve ever done til now. Thanks to dum who suddenly told me that she’s going to dresden over the weekend while I was in Berlin and had settled the accommodation (thanks to CouchSurfing!) and thanks to mitfahrgelegenheit for existing and making this trip possible too! Decided to go only the day before the trip means I had no time to do any single research about dresden and whatnots! All I know is that I’ve heard people telling me that Dresden is a nice city (but again, there are sooooo many NICE cities in germany…) and I leave the rest to dum :D the only clue I’ve got about dresden came from my sommerkurs teacher. He mentioned “Altstadt, Neustadt, und Blaue Wunder”. And so I embarked on this life changing journey.

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Wine tour in Kallstadt :)

Joined the tour organized by the uni international office to one of the Germany’s biggest Vineyard region, Pfalz. Gotta come back there again in autumn to see how they process the grapes and everything.

They asked us to try to smell and guess what smells are there in each wine we tried…i wish i could distinguish them better…hahaha (any tips?)

Wissembourg Day Trip

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one of the nearest french town from Mannheim (and it’s still within the semester ticket region :D). There’s nothing much there, though. We reached there in the afternoon, only to be surprised that all the shops were already closed (it was a saturday!!!) weird. Anyway, one of the most interesting things there is the salthouse with its unique roof that I really like :)

Wiener Riesenrad!

When I saw the name, Wiener Riesenrad, I felt that it feels rather familiar. Only a moment later, I realized that I read about it in my Deutsch textbook some time back haha. Anyway, it’s a very old merry-go-round and still functioning pretty well! I didn’t take a ride, as I find it quite a waste of time (they charge you 8 euro for that)

And that’s jeero posing :D