La Petite Cuisine


I first tried La Petite Cuisine almost 6 years ago, when my friend and I chanced upon it in Serene Centre. and we loved it!

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Strangers’ Reunion

Ola! it’s been a while since I last wrote a post. I guess then this is a pretty apt post to start again :D

Strangers’ Reunion has an intimate, pretty atmosphere. I had a lovely time there, enjoying our magical cups with my other ‘strange’ friends.

Our fruity yoghurt waffle was yummy (and healthy)! I like their croissant, it was so crispy :) and their staff are really friendly too!


the strangers’ magic cups ;)

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The Tea Chapter

During the mooncake festival period, I wanted to ask my friend who’s on exchange in Singapore to experience something more about Singapore, or rather, the Chinese culture and whatnots. and I thought, going for a ‘proper’ tea drinking ritual might be interesting for them (and for myself too!) So here we are! (thanks to my friend who knows this place and introduced us to this whole thing!)

As you can see, it’s called Tea Chapter, located somewhere in China Town (not so helpful eh? haha)

Anyway, I never knew drinking tea could be such a long ceremony! Here are some of the steps that I managed to capture. The rest of the time, I was listening attentively (and amazed at the same time) to the lady who explained and showed us the real way to drink tea! :)

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Yup! You’re right, it means exactly spaghetti ice cream. It’s believed to originate from Mannheim (another point for mannheim! :D), invented by an italian guy called Mr Fontanella! Unfortunately he didn’t register a patent for it; otherwise he would have made millions of euro from it. Nonetheless, Fontanella is still one of the best gelato makers in Mannheim! :D  It’s called that way because of its spaghetti shape topped with strawberry sauce yummm!

Don’t forget to give it a try when you’re in Germany. Just a heads-up, you might want to share it with your friends…the portion is pretty big, trust me!

Curry Wurst: Level UP!

Hi again! I haven’t been updating my blog for a while as I’m just done with my exams! which also  means my semester in Uni Mannheim has ended :( anyway, i’m not gonna talk about that for now yet.
So, after my last paper, I treated myself for a day trip to Hamburg (yea it’s crazy! and i’m not gonna do it again! haha) we took the night bus there, reached early in the morning, and came back with the same bus again that very evening…(and the same bus driver! although he couldnt recognize us haha)
Anyway, there has been this competition between Hamburg and Berlin…about which city did curry wurst first originate from! That’s why i told myself that I have to try Hamburg’s Curry wurst, just for the sake of it. (or maybe compare it to the one in Berlin soon)
We then walked past this interesting Currywurst shop in Reeperbahn (the infamous red light district in Hamburg! as you can see in the picture, the shop next to it. lols)
This is what we had. i would say it tasted, erm, normal. hahaha nothing special, really.
BUT, what makes this shop special is not the currywurst itself, but the sauce spiciness levels! They have 12 levels of spiciness from which you can choose from.
Below is the “translation” of the spiciness of each level! (if it makes any sense to you at all! coz i honestly couldnt understand it haha) apparently they have a unit for spiciness! we chose number 4, and it turned out to be the “asian thai” chili that you can get in any asian supermarket. It’s just nice :)
We then chatted a little bit with the seller about these whole spiciness things. She told us that for level 11 and 12, she can’t give it out just like that without the presence of ambulance around! -.-
She said they buy the “chili” from the internet! and they are no longer natural chili, but a mix of chemicals…and they have to mix the “sauce” in Apotheke!!! it’s just ridiculous! We asked her if we could try the sauce level 7. the bottle label says “RAW HEAT”! hahaha so convincing! and it actually already burnt my tongue. I cant imagine tasting level 12 -.-
They have eating challenges every now and then. They will make the participants to sign a contract beforehand, that the shop will not be held responsible should anything happen to them during the competition. Some people actually needed to be brought to the hospital because their nose started bleeding etc… -.- i think it’s just stupid if you die because you won in the currywurst eating competition…. one of the most stupidessttt way to die, i’d say.
The most interesting thing is when we asked her which one she prefers, she answered nonchalantly: “nah, i don’t eat them” :D

Choc Company

We decided to try this Chocolate shop in Heidelberg after one of our friends said that it’s a must-try place.

and I love it!

There are about 75 flavors of ChocSpoon you can choose from!! You will totally be spoilt by choice.

I decided to ask the waiter, and she recommended me the “praline nougat” flavor. Good choice. The taste is so rich and thick and just yummy :9

1. Choose your flavor, 2. Dip your chocspoon into a cup of hot milk, 3. Enjoy :9

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