Frankfurt uncovered!

Not that in the end I discovered so much about frankfurt, but I managed to visit the places I’ve never been to before. I’m so glad I joined the trip organized by the international office to visit the European Central Bank and German Stock Exchange – which, by the way, only convinced me that I will never work in stock exchange hehe. Then went on top of the Main Tower (at 190m height) and had a good bird-eye view of Frankfurt from there :)

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Mannheim Volksfest


My housemate invited me to go with her friends to the Volksfest in Neuer Messplatz last Friday. It’s something like a carnival, where there are many rides and stalls of all kinds of food!

Despite the fact that it’s Germany (and all its professionalism and perfection) I still didn’t dare to take the ride… hahaha somehow i feel they’re quite dangerous…although obviously they aren’t.

wont you agree with me that this one looks pretty fragile…

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