Der Schwarzwald!

So my friends and I had a wonderful weekend getaway in the Schwarzwald(= Blackforest) some time in March. 16 of us! yup, a large group, really. yet amazing people!

It was a really nice break from city life, and get back to the nature, esp in the start of spring :) (although there were still some traces of snow around the blackforest!)

you get what i mean now? :)

We managed to get a Ferienwohnung (Holiday House) that can accommodate all of us in Bad Rippoldsau. It’s a lovely, cozy house!




On the first day we visited Triberg, a touristy blackforest town, and went to Germany’s highest waterfall! (don’t put your hopes too high…it’s really not that high!) and the world’s biggest Kuckucksuhr (or Cuckoo Clock) – yes, the Blackforest region is famous for their Cuckoo Clock). We did some hiking (or walking) on the second day, and thankfully the weather was just perfect! There’s Wolf- und Bärenpark around the area too. Other than that we were simply enjoying our time sitting around, chatting, and eating! and of course the fresh air :)

it wouldn't have been such a lovely weekend without great company! here's our only picture with everyone inside :)

If you would like to have a short break from your hectic schedule, Schwarzwald is the right place to go :) and just in case you’re wondering, yes, the famous blackforest cake originated from here. it’s called Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte.

more photos from the trip:

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