the headless man

this is one of the creepiest buskers i’ve ever seen…i had goosebumps just walking past him haha


easter experience

as i said in the previous post, we were in Rome during Easter. My friend managed to get the invitation for us to join the easter eve’s mass and also the easter sunday mass.

in the evening of Good Friday, we went to colosseum where there’s the way of the cross procession, led by pope himself. We didn’t actually walk anywhere because it was too crowded.

Way of the cross at colosseum

on the Saturday we queued from 5pm to get into the church… the mass started only at 9pm. yup, spent quite a lot of time queueing. Sitting inside one of the most important churches in the world, in which you’d feel so inferior due to the gigantic size of every other things around you. We couldn’t see much what’s going on and were quite lost, since we didn’t manage to get the liturgy booklet, and almost everything was conducted in italian or latin. haha. great experience, nonetheless :)

easter eve mass inside st peter :)

in the morning I decided not to queue again… so I came a little bit later, just wanna see how it is like during the easter mass (that I usually watch on TV). (my mom texted me asking if i’m attending the mass or not, because she was watching it on tv at home! lols)

Easter Sunday

However, honestly I didn’t actually get any easter feeling during those period. Mainly because it was simply filled with thousands of tourists, and I didn’t understand the sermons, which I think is one of the most important parts. oh wells.

With no doubt, it was really a great experience (but for sure, i’ll try not to come back to Rome during easter haha)

by day and by night…

it was easter when we visited Rome..and we went to St Peter Basilica a few times (going inside the church, easter eve mass, easter sunday mass) and that also means we spent HOURS queueing… here’s the result hehe

on a cloudy day

at dusk

no matter how many times i’ve been there, the architecture and all the intricate ornaments, sculptures and paintings inside and outside the church never fail to amaze me again and again. God created geniuses :)

Wine tour in Kallstadt :)

Joined the tour organized by the uni international office to one of the Germany’s biggest Vineyard region, Pfalz. Gotta come back there again in autumn to see how they process the grapes and everything.

They asked us to try to smell and guess what smells are there in each wine we tried…i wish i could distinguish them better…hahaha (any tips?)

Der Schwarzwald!

So my friends and I had a wonderful weekend getaway in the Schwarzwald(= Blackforest) some time in March. 16 of us! yup, a large group, really. yet amazing people!

It was a really nice break from city life, and get back to the nature, esp in the start of spring :) (although there were still some traces of snow around the blackforest!)

you get what i mean now? :)

We managed to get a Ferienwohnung (Holiday House) that can accommodate all of us in Bad Rippoldsau. It’s a lovely, cozy house!




On the first day we visited Triberg, a touristy blackforest town, and went to Germany’s highest waterfall! (don’t put your hopes too high…it’s really not that high!) and the world’s biggest Kuckucksuhr (or Cuckoo Clock) – yes, the Blackforest region is famous for their Cuckoo Clock). We did some hiking (or walking) on the second day, and thankfully the weather was just perfect! There’s Wolf- und Bärenpark around the area too. Other than that we were simply enjoying our time sitting around, chatting, and eating! and of course the fresh air :)

it wouldn't have been such a lovely weekend without great company! here's our only picture with everyone inside :)

If you would like to have a short break from your hectic schedule, Schwarzwald is the right place to go :) and just in case you’re wondering, yes, the famous blackforest cake originated from here. it’s called Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte.

more photos from the trip:

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