A few weeks ago we made a short trip to Schwetzingen, a nearby town (10 min away by train from Mannheim). We were so lucky to be there on the right day. Not that it was sunny that day, but they happen to have an Ostereiermarkt (easter eggs market) in the Schloss that weekend. (we actually planned to have picnic at the Schloss garden.. it was pretty cloudy and cold that day. but we still had our picnic and still had fun nonetheless :)) So people from all over the place came to this market to showcase, and basically sell, their egg arts!

In Asia, or Indonesia at least, the easter egg culture isn’t as strong as it is in Europe. Well yea, I did attempt to make easter eggs myself, blew the egg white and yolk out, and painted it. (Most of the times just some zig-zag patterns or faces) haha

Anyway, I was completely amazed by all the artworks done on the eggs. You could cry imagining how they painted it. Most of them have very detailed, intricate designs painted on the eggs. Some used papercut art or even beads or knitted egg casing. Very impressive. Never have I thought that “arts of easter eggs” can go up to this kind of level hehe

This is my favorite of all! :D

Was so tempted to get one of them, but I know myself well enough to not buy it or having it broken before even I get to Mannheim.

In the slideshow, you can see some of the eggs sold there. Not all of them let me take a picture of their eggs, but some are nice enough to let me do so. So here you go :)

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Now you see what I meant? :) lovely, arent they?


Choc Company

We decided to try this Chocolate shop in Heidelberg after one of our friends said that it’s a must-try place.

and I love it!

There are about 75 flavors of ChocSpoon you can choose from!! You will totally be spoilt by choice.

I decided to ask the waiter, and she recommended me the “praline nougat” flavor. Good choice. The taste is so rich and thick and just yummy :9

1. Choose your flavor, 2. Dip your chocspoon into a cup of hot milk, 3. Enjoy :9

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Wissembourg Day Trip

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one of the nearest french town from Mannheim (and it’s still within the semester ticket region :D). There’s nothing much there, though. We reached there in the afternoon, only to be surprised that all the shops were already closed (it was a saturday!!!) weird. Anyway, one of the most interesting things there is the salthouse with its unique roof that I really like :)

My First Ice-Hockey Game

This is actually quite a long overdue post.

The day before, a friend casually told us that there’s an ice-hockey match in Mannheim. After some research, found out that Mannheim has one of the best teams in Germany, ADLER Mannheim. Unfortunately they didn’t play that well during the game… oh wells. nonetheless, it was really fun! :)


We went to the ticket office and just asked for the cheapest tickets hehe




It was a pretty rough game. But an american girl told me that it was still considered a peaceful game if compared to what they have in the USA…fist fights are not uncommon, and what people are waiting for… lols

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