regardless of how lame the picture might be (haha), happy leap day! make full use of the extra one day you have this year :)


Fasching! :D

Carnival in Köln!!! yupp one of the most famous Carnivals in the world! :) went there with some friends over the weekend. It’s a carnival before ash wednesday, where people just go out to party in costumes like there’s no tomorrow (obviously the whole thing about todays’ carnival’s (or celebration) meaning has changed completely from what it was supposed to be, sadly). In the evening the bars are all crammed that you will need to queue for quite some time before you can finally get into one, and join the (extremely packed) crowd.

Since we had all this planned in the last minute, we couldn’t get any reasonably-priced accommodation in Köln anymore. So we stayed in Brühl, a lovely, small town near Köln, and got a really nice guesthouse (Balthasar) – thanks to Silje who got us the accommodation :) and on Sunday there was a parade going through the city centre, when we ended up collecting a bag full of chocolates and whatnots!

it’s been a great experience I would say, pretty amusing too! :)

I would also love to go back to Köln for a proper city tour one day.

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Sunday Morning

Sunday in Germany is pretty much unique, especially if you compare to any Asian country. All shops are closed, except bakeries and restaurants. People are having their family-time, me-time or however you’d like to call it.



Pictures above are taken outside mannheim main train station, that is obviously located in the city centre. (now, try to imagine how it is like outside orchard mrt station…on a sunday haha)