rafting THE nile!

Rafting in the Nile has never been in my to-do list. Not because I didn’t want to do it, but because I had never thought I would go to Africa any time soon. Well, not until last Feb or Mar after I joined AIESEC NUS.

In short, after finally successfully convinced my parents that Africa is safe, Uganda it is. And it was a right choice too!

One of the best things there is the fact that the town where I stayed is the place where the Nile starts, or commonly called “The Source of the Nile” – a name that always sounds mystical to me! That also then makes Jinja a very touristy town.

White water rafting on the Nile is one of the best things ever!

the whole thing took the one afternoon. from morning we gathered at their meeting point near town, get our breakfast, and went to the river (which is about almost one hour away from Jinja) and start our adventure down the nile river. there are quite a number of rapids, ranging from grade 3-5. there was one grade 6 rapid that cant be passed through using a raft, so we had to alight and walked along the river bank and got back into our boat after that. haha. we also had the best pineapple on the raft during the lunch break.

i wouldn’t mind at all to go for another trip down the river!

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you can visit http://raftafrica.com/ for more info on the package.


Gone Fishin’

my first time ever! was out for dinner with my family and some friends, suddenly i heard ‘fishing’ in the conversation and realized that they were going fishing the next day (which fortunately was still a holiday for me!)

The next day, a group of 18 went to Pasir Mukti at Citeureup, West Java. It is a pretty nice place. well maintained. besides the fishing ponds, there are some other areas for outbound, camping, padi fields etc.

The fishing compound

They have a few types of fish there. Ikan Bawal, Gurame, Ikan Mas, … (don’t ask me the english names haha)

Our first catch!

Some are really easy to catch! and with that, I mean within minutes or even seconds! but when we tried to fish gurame, we only managed to get 1 after sitting there for hours. patience is definitely required for this one. i gave up half way and went back to the easier ones ;p

after catching about 9 or 10 fish, we ask the mbak there to fry and grill em for us. they taste different when you know you are the one who caught them!

the one on the right is my catch! :D

all the fancy equipment

our youngest participant!

a nice way to start off 2012 :)

HAPPY 2012 !!!